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The Art and Architecture of St. Ignatius Church describes the north window as follows:

"The three windows on the Epistle side of the altar recall the three sacrifices of the Old Testament that prefigured the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The window nearest the altar portrays the Patriarch Abraham preparing to sacrifice Isaac in obedience to God's command. Here, too, is picture the angle divinely sent to stay the hand of Abraham, since God was only testing Abraham's willingness to obey. The center window of the group presents the sacrifice of Melchisedech, the first priest mentioned in the Bible to offer bread and wine. The last window on this side depicts the slaying of the Paschal Lamb. in the background of this window is seen a family seated at the table while the father is painting the doorpost with the blood of the lamb to escape the avenging hand of God."

The Art and Architecture of St. Ignatius Church describes the south window as follows:

"The first window on the Gospel side of the altar presents Moses viewing the descent of the manna which God sent from heaven to feed the Israelites. The middle window shows Christ blessing the bread at the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes. The third window depicts the disciples at the supper table at Emmaus when the recognized Our Lord in the breaking of the bread."

Biblical Excepts related to the Sanctuary Windows

Sacrifice of Isaac

Sacrifice of Melchizedek

The stained glass windows in the church made by Edward W. Heimer & Company of Paterson, New Jersey and were installed in the church in 1949.

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