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Catholic Commons provides resources of a non-commercial, informational and educational nature that are designed to help students, faculty, staff, administrators, alumni, donors, parents, and other constituencies of Catholic institutions understand and further the Catholic identity of these institutions. Students at Catholic schools are encouraged to add content about Catholicism, the Church, the Bible, or religious orders such as the Jesuits, Franciscans, or Benedictines.

This site was started on January 4, 2006 by Dr. John P. Workman, while on sabbatical from Creighton University at the Jesuit Institute at Boston College. It was initially called the Jesuit Wiki and was hosted at Wikia with the URL of It was renamed the Ignatian Wiki in the Fall of 2006 at the request of Father Tom Smolich, S.J., who at that time was President of the Jesuit Conference. The site then had the URL until the Spring of 2007, when it was moved to a shared hosting site to to allow the site to operate without ads and to have its own URL ( The site continued under that name until the Spring of 2016, when it was renamed Catholic Commons with the URL, to allow a broader scope of content.

Catholic Commons is a Nebraska non-profit organization and there is no official affiliation between Catholic Commons and any particular Catholic religious community or institution.

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