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Free online resources to support Catholic identity
The Jesuit Church (Vienna) is representative of the Baroque style of many Jesuit churches in Europe.

Catholic Commons provides free, online resources on the art, architecture, history, scripture, traditions, teachings, and organization of the Roman Catholic Church and of organizations affiliated with the Catholic Church, such as Catholic schools, universities, hospitals, religious orders, and non-profit organizations. It uses the software on which Wikipedia is based, which allows users to edit articles and add new content. It provides resources of a non-commercial, informational and educational nature that are designed to help students, teachers, staff, administrators, alumni, donors, volunteers, and others understand and further the mission and identity of Catholic organizations.

Since the start of this site on January 4, 2006, users have created 4,025 articles. Feel free to add articles, pictures, and other content that you believe would be of interest to others. Catholic Commons is global in scope because Christians have taken the gospel message to the ends of the earth from the very beginning of the Church. In addition to this English language site, there is also a Spanish Catholic Commons site. If you or others are interested in administering a site in another language, contact the founder of this site. The Catholic Commons websites are governed by a lay-led, non-profit organization that has the goal of developing a community of people who work collaboratively with members of religious orders and the Catholic Church hierarchy to develop free online resources to support Catholic identity.

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