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The Ignatian Commons Initiative is a lay-led initiative that has the goal of developing a community of people who work collaboratively with Jesuits to develop free online resources to support Catholic and Jesuit identity. Potential users of Ignatian Commons projects include students, faculty, staff, administrators, and alumni of Jesuit institutions as well as people interested in Catholicism in general or Ignatian spirituality in particular. The initial focus of this initiative is on Jesuit institutions in the United States which includes approximately 28 colleges and universities, 49 secondary schools, 78 parishes, and 35 retreat centers. Over time it is anticipated that the scope will grow to include content on Jesuit institutions outside of the United States, institutions based on Ignatian spirituality that are not sponsored by the Jesuits, and development of wikis in languages other than English.

Advisory Board

Current members of the advisory board for the Ignatian Commons Initiative are:

Initial Projects

Ignatian Wiki – uses the wiki approach of user-generated content to develop free, online resources to support the Catholic and Jesuit identity of Jesuit institutions. This wiki was started by John Workman in January 2006 during a sabbatical as a visiting fellow at the Jesuit Institute at Boston College. It can be accessed at www.IgnatianWiki.org.

Ignatian Commons Photo albums – organizes photographs from Jesuit institutions into digital photo albums that link to detailed descriptions in the Ignatian Wiki in order to explain the history, traditions, and symbolism of the Catholic Church and of the Society of Jesus.