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Terms of Use for all Users of the Ignatian Wiki

Given the open nature of the wiki and the ability of anyone with an account to contribute content, users of the Ignatian Wiki acknowledge and agree that:

  1. The Ignatian Commons Initiative Advisory Board (hereafter, "the Advisory Board") makes no guarantees about the accuracy of the information in the Ignatian Wiki. Information in the wiki should not be relied on or used as a substitute for independent professional judgement and the Advisory Board is not responsible for any actions of persons posting to the wiki or for actions users may take, or fail to take, based on information in the Ignatian Wiki.
  2. Content in the Ignatian Wiki should not be interpreted as the official position or opinion of any Jesuit school or of the Society of Jesus. This includes, but is not limited to, contributions made to the Ignatian Wiki by faculty, staff, students, and administrators at any Jesuit affiliated school, any of whom may post content as individuals, but not as representatives of their schools. Since the Ignatian Wiki is open to the public, there may from time to time be spam, obscenities, pornography, defamatory remarks, and inaccurate information. The Advisory Board and the Ignatian Wiki user community have developed procedures for reviewing contributions, for removing offensive contributions as soon as possible after such content has been identified as being inappropriate, and for requesting citations, references, or support for questionable information.
  3. The Advisory Board is not responsible for copyright violations of users who post copyrighted content. Catholic Commons follows the terms of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and the Ignatian Wiki and these terms of use provide notification to users that they should not post content that is copyrighted, unless it is a fair use of such material or they have received permission from the copyright owner. Catholic Commons has a designated agent who will promptly remove copyrighted material following the receipt and verification of a DMCA takedown request.
  4. All users agree to comply with these terms of use and with changes to these terms that may be made from time to time.

Terms of Use for Registered Users of the Ignatian Wiki

Catholic Commons requires people who want to contribute new content or edit existing content in the Ignatian Wiki to create an account by providing a user name and valid e-mail address. The following additional terms of use apply to such contributors:

  1. You will select a user name that is not confusing, misleading, disruptive, promotional, or offensive (see the user name policy for details). User names that violate this policy may be blocked, renamed, or deleted.
  2. You agree that you will not post spam, obscenities, pornography, defamatory remarks, or information you know is inaccurate. You understand that your ability to edit content on the Ignatian wiki may be blocked or rescinded if you make contributions falling into any of these categories or that otherwise violate the terms outlined in the Creighton Fair, Responsible and Acceptable Use Policy.
  3. You agree to license your text contributions under the GFDL license. This allows others to edit your text on the Ignatian Wiki and allows reuse of content from the Ignatian Wiki on other sites, subject to the terms of the GNU Free Documentation license. Attribution for your contributions will be maintained in the page history for the articles you edit and the Ignatian Wiki advisory board will make all efforts to develop processes that ensure proper attribution to you and the Ignatian Wiki for content from the Ignatian Wiki that is reused on other sites. Do not copy text from other sites unless: (a) it is a fair use of copyrighted material and you put quotation marks around the text and a link to the site from which it was obtained, or (b) it is text licensed under the GFDL license and you provide attribution under the terms of the GFDL license. It is legal to copy and edit content from Wikipedia since it uses the GFDL license and information on how to legally do this is explained on the help page on using content from Wikipedia.
  4. You can choose the copyright license terms for photographs and other files you upload, provided you are the creator of the content and have the authority to make such decisions on copyright terms. When uploading photographs and other files, the Ignatian Wiki asks you to specify the copyright terms and source of the content. If you are the creator, you should indicate this in the source section and you are encouraged to choose a “free license” such as GFDL or a Creative Commons license for such contributions. However, you are free to specify other copyright terms or licenses for your non-textual contributions.
  5. You will not make contributions of copyrighted material: (a) where you do not have permission from the legitimate owner of the material or (b) that is not a fair use of such material. If you are uploading images or other files that you believe are fair use of the material, you should indicate “Fair Use of Copyrighted Material” in the file upload form under copyright and should provide a URL or other source in the Source field. If you are not the creator or copyright owner, you are not legally allowed to change the copyright terms to GFDL or Creative Commons in the file upload box. If you post content using a firm or person’s trademark (e.g., logos), you may do so only if you attribute the mark to its registered owner.
  6. Catholic Commons will not share your registration information with any third party, for commercial or other purposes, but will comply with appropriate requests for information received from law enforcement personnel.
  7. You represent and warrant to Creighton University and the Ignatian Wiki Advisory Board that they have the authority and right to grant the licenses described in the terms above. You also indemnify Creighton University, its officers, directors, employees, and members of the Ignatian Wiki advisory board against all losses, costs, expenses, and liabilities suffered or incurred as a result of your breach of this warranty.