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Requests for changes in username on this page should be made by the person who owns the username, not by other users or administrators. Requests for usernames that need administrator attention should be placed on Project:Usernames for administrator attention.

To request a username change:

  • Edit this page and add your request at the bottom of the page
  • Indicate the old and new usernames
  • Add any explanations or justifications you think necessary
  • Add you "signature"" by clicking on the signature button on the tool bar just above the edit window or by adding "--~~~~" (no quotes) at the end of the request.

Administrators with user rights of "Bureaucrat" have the ability to respond to these requests and should indicate the response by putting an indented comment (start the text with :) below the user posting explaining the action taken. Accounts with contributions should not be deleted since this would allow another user to create the account and claim authorship of those edits. There are thus copyright reasons for renaming usernames that are violations of the Project:Username policy rather than deleting them.

Requests for Username change