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In order to follow the steps in this tutorial, either print out this page or open a new tab or window in your browser. This page can be edited by anyone with an account on the Ignatian Wiki. Feel free to correct mistakes, fix typos, or make other changes you believe will make the tutorial more helpful to other users.

In this tutorial you will learn:

  • Three different ways to create a new article
  • Basic editing tools for inserting and formatting text
  • How to create links to other articles
  • How to categorize an article

Creating articles

The following are the primary ways to create a new article:

  1. Use the create article box on the Main Page. To get to the Main Page, click Catholic Commons site logo on the top left of any page in the site or select "Main Page" in the navigation box on the left of any screen. You can then create an article by typing the name of the article in the box at the bottom center of the main page that has 'Create article' below it. This will bring up an edit window for the article and you can enter text.
  2. Click on a red link in an existing article. Red links indicates someone added an internal link to an article that does not yet exist. When you click on this red link, an edit window for the article comes up.
  3. Type the name of the article in the URL address window after and then hit enter. This should bring up a message saying the article does not yet exist and asks whether you want to edit it. Select the link to edit the page.

Now that you have an edit window, enter the text for the article, enter a short summary in the summary box (e.g., 'Created new article'), and select the 'Show Preview' button. When you preview, the page is not yet saved but it shows you what the page will look like. This is very useful for seeing if formatting, headings, and links are working. Make any adjustments needed in the edit window and when you are satisfied with the appearance, select the 'Save page' button.

Basic editing and formatting

See the Wikipedia tutorial pages